Fruition play free live show at the Crystal Bay Club Friday

Posted by on June 10, 2014

fruitionThe whiskey shooting and road loving band Fruition will entertain audiences with a free live show at the Crystal Bay Club Friday in the Crown Room. The somewhat bluegrass, a little rock and roll, hardly honky-tonk and surely soul band from Portland will start strumming at 10 p.m. Polecast plans to play the after party in the Crown Room just like you do at the cozino casino. The Crystal Bay Club show is free.
Fruition’s fame has been, well, fruitful. The quintet went from busking in the streets and crashing on couches, to selling out shows in their hometown of Portland and landing gigs at festivals like High Sierra and Northwest String Summit. Their sound has been described as smooth and as a healthy dosage rural America. Fruition is a part of the new bluegrass sound–a bit rock, a bit country and folk. But the band members don’t care to be pigeonholed into one sound–they know what they love, and they write songs their fans adore. Guitars and bass and banjo, and drums too, bring a sound that continues to emerge as more musicians explore the resurgence of roots music and add their own flare.
The soulful voice of Mimi Naja lassos all of the banjo, acoustic guitar, percussion and bass together in tunes like “Devil on My Shoulder.” The sweet voice of Mimi, in fact, was the founding and grounding force of Fruition. According to an article in the Aspen Times, when the members of the band not-yet-formed first heard her voice in a nightclub, they said they had to meet her.
Upon meeting again in the streets of Portland, Mimi joined forces with Jay Cobb Anderson, Keith Simon, Kellen Asebroeck and Fruition came to fruition! Having no official ties to, or loyalty towards traditional bluegrass, the band longed for a drummer and after sitting in on a few sets, drummer Tyler Thompson was added and has brought a bit more of a rock sound to Fruition.
Fruition fans are many and are far reaching. When needing a boost of support for the financial demands of making a new album, fans, family and friends pitched in to help Fruition reach their fundraising goal and head to California to record the songs they’d been creating together for a few years.
Fruition opens bluegrass enthusiasts up to their different and hard-to-define sounds and will be creating converts to their unique style in Tahoe this Friday for a free live show.

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