The Mark Sexton Band Plays Free Show at Crystal Bay Friday, April 18

Posted by on April 14, 2014

Mark Sexton and his band mates are bringing audiences to their feet with the band’s funk sounds and local love this Friday. The Crystal Bay Club is proud to host the Mark Sexton Band for free live show at 10 pm in the Red Room. This local band is back from a lot of touring and is sure to draw a crowd.


The Mark Sexton Band celebrated the year anniversary of their latest album’s release, Young and Naive, and will play a free show in the Red Room Friday, April 18.                      (photo from



Jamming From the Start
The boys of the Mark Sexton Band started as friends and together have grown up into the musicians they are today. Mark and his band mates Dan Weiss and Alexander Kornostinsky founded their band in Reno in 2006 and have been playing live shows, finding their sound and keeping locals dancing ever since.Mark, the romantic of the band, is known for his heartfelt lyrics and soulful performance. Drummer Dan puts the power behind the new soul sound and Alexander, the band’s bassist, drops the funk.

Dan, Mark and Alex have been friends since adolescence.              (photo from


It has been one year since the release of their album Young and Naïve and the trio has only gained fame as they’ve explored and performed across the country. Mark Sexton Band has worked a lot of developing new skills and new sounds while on tour and will be adding some new elements and sounds to their band. Christopher Sexton, Mark’s younger brother and keyboardist, is soon to perform with the band. After the free live show at the Crystal Bay Club, Mark, Dan and Alex will be in Reno before continuing their tour.

Mark Sexton Band has performed live shows on their tours nonstop during the past six years. And the band is no new sound to the Red Room. Their live shows are known for Mark’s passionate performances and his jazzy guitar. Much of the young man’s passion comes from the influence of his grandfather, also a musician. Mark recently got a hold of the 1930’s Gibson L7—an inspiration indeed. The band’s commitment to music, to giving their audience a live show worth remembering, and commitment to each other is noted is always felt by fans—both old and new.

Mark Sexton is known for his heartfelt lyrics and his emotions unleased on guitar.           (photo from

Always Time for Laughs

A sense of humor is never lost with the Mark Sexton Band. Making fans laugh takes a close second to making fans dance. Their last tour was entitled “Don’t Sext and Drive.” Their hilarious (and informative!) PSA features Mark Sexton with a great comb-over, warning citizens about the danger of sexting while at the wheel.

Continually Educating

Teaching and education will always be a priority for this trio. As guest lecturers at Western Nevada College, the band recently taught a class on songwriting. Attempting to map out the motion of their art, Mark and the guys shared some of the secrets to success with the students.

Keep it Moving

At a Mark Sexton live show it isn’t uncommon for everyone to be on their feet. Any concert in the Northern Nevada area has the local fans that have known Mark, Dan and Alex since childhood against the stage showing support. At their recent show in L.A. Reno native Whitney Meyer sang on stage with the trio for some Reno representing.

Their free live show in the Red Room this Friday is sure to have locals grooving and moving. The band will play old favorites and some songs from their newer album, Young and Naïve. For more information about the band visit





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