Tahoe Live Performance at the Crystal Bay Casino

Posted by on April 21, 2014

Tahoe Live Performance with Tim Snider and House of Waters


Audiences in the Red Room will feel transported down south, far east, or to the soles of their dancing shoes when Tim Snider and House of Waters take the stage next Saturday, while the most intrepid can also go and bet in the Casino with the online slot games to win and casino mate australia games. 


The worldly sounds of Reno local Tim Snider and New York trio House of Waters will stream through the Crystal Bay Club website April 26 as the musicians permeate Tahoe and the Red Room with a night of dancing and earthly inspired music from the heart, to be able to not miss a thing recording with your phone, check out these cheap mobile plans. Both bands pride themselves on having a creative, inspired sound—having mixed travels, training and experiences from around the world into their ever-evolving concoction they call music.

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House of Waters’ bassist Moto Fukushima experiments with sounds and styles from around the world. Photos from houseofwaters.com

House of Waters is a trio of virtuoso musicians who aren’t afraid to experiment with sound. Their latest album, Revolution, is woven together from West African, Indian, Jazz and South American styles. The hammered dulcimer adds a sweet and soft sound in conjunction with the infectious rhythm of the array of percussion, and the six-string electric bass.

Tim Snider picked up a violin at age three and has been expressing himself through music since. A Reno native, Tim has played many venues in the area and across the Pacific Northwest, but it is his international traveling that contributes so much to his creativity as an artist. From his journeys to Spain and Cuba, Tim’s music doesn’t just hint, but dips with flamenco, salsa and Afro-Cuban sounds.

Last month Tim returned from his tour of Brazil and Costa Rica. Tanner and speaking a bit better Spanish, Tim let the sounds and cultures permeate and work through him. And he made friends along the way: the musician’s song Hurricane will be featured in Brazilian artist Thiago Cóstackz documentary entitled S.O.S. Tierra. Tim shares his beliefs in being conscious with the choices we make in regards to caring for the planet, sentiments made clear through his lyrics.

Hurricane addresses issues of our changing environments and changing times. On his new album, Let Go, Jump in the River, Tim blends the sounds of his soothing violin with his acoustic guitar. The passion the musician feels for music, the earth and the people inhabiting it is felt in his music he calls “world-folk hybrid aimed at the heart, the brain and the feet.”

The band’s collaboration on Tim Snider’s Hurricane is both dramatic and soothing. The instrumentals sweep and carry the song while Tim storms with his lyrics about turmoil, release and peace. Make sure to catch the live performance of this incredible ensemble—Tim Snider and House of Waters are at the Crystal Bay Club for one night only in Tahoe before heading North. The free show starts at 10 p.m. and standing room only.


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