Benefit for Blake January 15, 2014

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Benefit for Blake Beeman

Event:          A Benefit for Blake

Location:      Red Room & Crown Room

Date:           Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Time:           Crown Room Concert Doors at 8:00 Show at 9:00

Red Room Silent Auction opens at 7:00 closes at 11:00

Cost:            Concert All Tickets $25.00

Red Room Silent Auction and after party          FREE

A Benefit for Blake

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

Jackie Robinson


When I first saw this quote I immediately thought of Blake Beeman. In March of 2004 I met Brent Harding (our talent buyer) and we discussed how we could change the music offered at the Crystal Bay Casino. Our first show was with Jon Cleary in June of that year and it was then that I first officially (more on that later) met Blake. Since that first show we have worked as a team with the assistance of Jim Gamble and Roger & Elise Norman on over 1,200 shows.

Blake has mixed the sound, set up the stage, insured the artists are happy and generally been the CBC liaison at almost every one of those shows. If you ask anyone that has played either the Red Room or Crown Room they will tell you that the sound at our shows, Blake’s shows, is among the best to be found anywhere. Just being the best at what he does would be sufficient for a lot of folks but Blake takes it a step further. He is one of the most compassionate individuals I have ever met and he brings the same passion he has mixing to so many other things as well.

Blake is an accomplished guitar player having played on the road with the likes of Dave Mason and many others. Speaking with Blake a year or so ago we realized that he had actually played at Patti and my wedding in 1985 while in the band Headlines. He is an innovative chef, always coming up with a new twist on whatever he prepares.

More than anything else Mr. Beeman is one fine human being. He was there for my family when my wife went through some serious medical challenges. He is a compassionate listener whenever anyone has a problem. He somehow makes you feel that everything will work out for the best.   Blake is an emotional guy and lord have mercy do the ladies ever go for that.

Sometime back Blake was diagnosed with MS. Did he complain or turn into an Eeyore? No, not even close! Blake hammered on albeit with the use of his trusty cane at times. He started losing weight and everyone figured it was the MS. Unfortunately it was something much worse. This past August Blake was diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer.

Never wanting to be the bearer of bad news or negativity, Blake kept the news to himself and a small core of friends. When it got out many of us were devastated.  Blake has insurance but as insurance companies often do, they found a way to minimize the costs that they will cover. In a perfect world Blake would have rather not let the cat out of the bag, but several of his friends were able to convince him that it was time for us to give back the love and assistance he has given so many, for so long.

Wednesday, January 15th will be a day we can make a down payment on helping our friend. “A Benefit for Blake” will take place at the Crystal Bay Casino. The evening will kick off in the Red Room at 7:00 pm with an admission free silent auction. Included in the silent auction are items donated from various friends and businesses such as a limited edition print of Jerry Garcia from famed rock photographer Jay Blakesberg valued at $550.00.

The silent auction will begin at 7:00 p.m. with final bids being accepted until 11:00 p.m. Doors to the benefit concert will open at 8:00 with the show starting at 9:00 sharp. The Dead Winter Carpenters, Jellybread and special guest Carolyn Wonderland (flying in from Austin) will be playing with a few surprises along the way. Artists will be donating their performance.

Tickets to the concert are $25.00 and 100% of the revenue raised from ticket sales and the silent auction will be donated to Blake to help offset some of his medical expenses. Tickets are available on line at,, by phone at 775.833.6333 or at the Crystal Bay Casino. This will be a 21 and over event. Booths were $50.00 per person but have already sold out. As the artists are donating their services, changes in the lineup are possible but not expected.

Please help us help our friend, a guy that has had an enormous impact on many “other lives” as Jackie Robinson was quoted. Anyone wishing to donate items for the Silent Auction should call Bill Wood at 775.690.3060 to arrange for item (or description of the item) drop off at the CBC. Thank you in advance for your help.

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